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Dentists Do Botox?


Dr. Hicken is Botox-certified!  He has over 20 years experience with facial injections and extensive schooling in the anatomy of the facial muscles. With a conservative approach, we can make sure you look just the way you want and still keep the facial expressions that make you uniquely you. Now that's something to smile about!

$10.50 / unit


Botox can help reduce or completely eliminate facial wrinkles. It can lift the eyebrows and open the eyes. You'll be amazed at how any years it can take off your face!  It can also keep the years off your face- prevention is the best medicine. The effects of Botox can help you from ever forming wrinkles, which will  keep you looking younger!

Lip Pop

Everyone is looking to show off their full plump lips! With lip pop we do a few units of Botox under the lip, giving it a fuller appearance and reducing the look of gummy smiles!

ON SALE normally $100 discounted 20% to $80 for a limited time


Brotox is the new term that has been coined by men that get Botox. It is becoming more and more common for men to receive treatment for the same reasons that most women do - to look great!

Common Concerns

Will I Look Fake and Plastic?

One of the perks of seeing a dental professional is their knowledge of  facial injections. Additionally, Dr. Hicken is extremely conservative with a "we can always add more later" attitude. You will be sure to get just the right amount. To the right is a picture of the doctor's very favorite face, his wife! She gets Botox mostly in her forehead and is showing off her many facial expressions. 

Our goal is to keep the face that makes you, you!

facial expression.PNG
It's never too early.PNG


We have gift cards available for purchase! They make great birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day gifts! Call or text for more details.

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